January 2015 Stickers

Hi everyone!

Sorry about the lack of post on Tuesday. I spent the beginning of the week suffering through a nasty head cold. My boss even sent me home from work on Monday. It was not good.

But know what was great? My productivity in January. I rocked the hell out of the first month of 2015. I read a number of really good books (which I'll blog about in the next week or so) and revised the second and third acts of The Trial (around about 50K words). Plus! I worked on two freelance editing projects.

Seriously, just check out the number of stickers on this thing:

Is that awesome or what? 

(Yes, I realize it's a little weird to get excited about stickers, but whatever. It makes the organization/productivity nerd in me very happy.)

February has been off to a bit of a slow start. That whole "being sick" thing knocked me out and resulted in three days with no stickers. Not much I can do about that but get back on track today. I've got another freelance project to do and lots of books to read before I dive into the polishing draft of The Trial. With a little luck (and and lot of hard work), I'll be ready to query in March!

Happy writing! And stay healthy out there.