2014 Writing Goals

Happy New Year everyone, and welcome to 2014!

There are a lot of exciting things happening this year. I'm turning 25 (which may not sound exciting, but it is to me), one of my best friends is getting married, my cousin is getting married, a couple of my bf's friends are getting married (lots of folks tying the knot this year it seems), plus I'm going to SCOTLAND (!!!!) this summer with my fellow YA League members.

In short, it's going to be a wicked awesome year.

But since I am the queen of lists, and goals, and organization, a New Year's post won't be complete without a list of goals for the year. I'm not big on having "resolutions," but I do think creating goals is important so you know what you're shooting for in the coming year.

Writerly Goals for 2014


  • Finish first revision by my birthday (end of January)
  • Send to Beta Readers and CPs (*waves at awesome CPs!*)
  • Go through various rounds of edits until "Query ready"
  • Write query, synopsis, and compile agent list (approximately 50 agents)
  • Query A STOLEN THRONE in June or July
    • The hope for this project (only a hope and not a "goal" since I have no control over the outcome) is that it simply does better than VISIONS OF DARKNESS. Meaning I get more than two full requests. Obviously I'd love to sign with an agent from this MS, but so long as there's progress, I'll be happy.


  • Read the bit I wrote back in July of 2013 and figure out if it's salvageable
    • If it's salvageable:
      • Re-plot the story with my new plotting method
      • Get all prepped to write
      • Finish writing the novel during Camp NaNo (likely in July based on the AST timeline)
      • Realize that I'll be finishing this novel while on a writing retreat in Scotland with the amazing members of the YA League and get really excited
      • Revise, prep query, etc. Be ready to query first thing in 2015
    • If it's not salvageable:
      • Save it to my computer and forget it exists
      • Come up with a completely new idea (or a re-envisioned version of that idea)
      • Follow all the same steps as above, including writing from scratch for Camp NaNo
      • Query in 2015 with the hope of doing better with that round of querying than I did with AST (or rather hope I don't have to query since AST got me an agent, but that may be getting ahead of myself)

NaNoWriMo 2014

  • First, decide whether I'm going to be the ML for my region again. I want to, but it'll depend how busy I expect to be
  • Go on a road trip to Salem to research the town and the different tourist attractions
  • Develop and plot my "witch story" idea (as of now all I know about it is the MC's general personality and summer job)
  • Write cool new witch story!