A Year in Review: 2014

I have to say, 2014 was a pretty amazing year. It was the year of being 25 and getting stuff done. A lot can happen in a year, and it's easy to forget all we've accomplished in those 365 days. I encourage you to take a look at your year and spend some time really considering how much has happened and changed in your life.

Here's a quick rundown on the things that happened/changed in my life throughout 2014.


  • My amazing critique partners (Dawn Kurtagich and David Purse) and I launched The YA League.
  • I worked on my initial revision of A STOLEN THRONE
  • Mandy Hubbard's Writing and Selling the YA Novel course began
  • I turned 25! 


  • I became a single lady and embraced the Cat Lady title (I wear it with pride!)
  • Hubbard's LitReactor course finished and I did a write up of my experience
  • Purchased plane tickets to Scotland!


  • Lots and lots of revisions for AST
  • I learned when to "let go" of chapters and kill my darlings. (More on that here)
  • Did I mention there were lots of revisions? So many.



  • Surprise, surprise, more revisions on AST (thank goodness for CP feedback!)
  • An agent tweeted out one of my blog posts, which resulted in previously unheard of levels of flailing and freaking out. Check out the blog post in question here!
  • At the end of the month, I finished a round of AST revisions! Yay! Off it went to CPs again.


  • Did some final polishing of AST and got League approval to start querying!
  • Researched agents, fine-tuned my query letter, set out queries!
  • Since my life was all about queries this month, I did a roundup of my favorite resources.


  • The YA League writing retreat in Scotland!!!!!!  This was the absolute highlight of my year. It was beyond amazing. For photos and my full report, click here.
  • I started a new project, THE TRIAL. It was scary (because it's so complicated and different from past projects) but I got to start it while in Scotland and the League was so helpful in giving me the push I needed to get started
  • Also, big for me, this was the first project I started outside of NaNoWriMo (or Camp NaNo)


  • Most of August was eaten up by the Day Job (opening the residence hall for the year), but I did manage to plot and draft a decent amount of The Trial 


  • I finally learned how to balance writing and reading time! (A huge accomplishment for me--I tend to be hyper-focused on tasks)
  • Another huge accomplishment, I finished draft one of The Trial! And then I talked about the Post-Drafting Blues.
  • To keep myself busy, I read a lot and did some critiquing for other League members


  • Back to revisions! After letting The Trial cool for a couple weeks (which is HUGE for me, I usually jump in the next day), I started and completed my first round of revision this month.
  • And honestly...that's about all I did in October. I barely even read! I was All Revision, All the Time. See, you can see how focused I was by my monthly stickers


  • This was a pretty "off" month for me. I tried to do a rewrite of my first book for NaNo, but the voice just wouldn't come and so I gave up on that after about 5K
  • Then I tried to start a witchy project that's been percolating in my head for awhile, but after 11K of that, even though I love the voice, I realized I had no plot, so I had to stop
  • But! I did manage to read a bit, so at least that was good  


  • David sent me feedback on The Trial and gave me lots of great ideas for revision
  • I created a new revision plan and dived back into my revision cave
  • Finished Act I revisions and sent them off to Dawn for her critique!

Whew! That's a lot of stuff! It's amazing how much can happen in a year. I have big plans for 2015 (which I'll talk about next week!) so stay tuned. I expect next year's round up to have some really, really cool news.