Finding Time When Life Gets Busy

There was one non-Day Job thing I really wanted to do last week: finish reading my NaNo novel so I could start revisions. Unfortunately, my car decided to die on me, and I spent the entire week test-driving cars after my Day Job. Thankfully, I picked (and leased) my new car on Friday, so the weekend life should have gotten back to normal.

But of course, last weekend wasn't a normal weekend. The college I work for had finished up finals week, so I put in a full 8 hours on Saturday to close the building and give a proper send off to my student staff. No revising for me.

Then on Sunday I had my weekly chat with the wonderful and talented members of the YA League. Despite the ocean between us, we had a nice 2-hour chat (which is actually on the short side for us) and talking to them was the kick in the pants I needed to get back to work on my own revisions.

And so I worked on revisions...and it felt SO GOOD! It was exactly what I needed to get myself back on track. Since it's still early in the revision process, I was just reading my NaNo novel (A STOLEN THRONE) and marking the parts that had issues, but it still felt amazing to finally make progress on the novel after two weeks away from it. And even better, the first draft isn't terrible! Yes, sure, it's rough and the prose is weak, there are a bazillion (yes, truly a bazillion) typos, and all sorts of first draft issues. But the plot? The characters? The romance? They don't suck! Granted, I may have a change of heart tomorrow, but for right now I happy with the general structure I have to work with during revisions.

And so, with the new week stretched before me, I look forward to continuing to work on AST. I expect to finish reading (I have about 80 pages left) and start prepping my plan of attack. Though I know the holidays will leave me crunched for time, I'm confident that I'll be able to squeeze in at least 10 minutes here and there each day. And I know, even that little bit, will help me feel productive. And a productive Isabel is a happy Isabel.

Here's to finding the time to write, even when life gets busy and unexpected things suck up all your time!