Happy NaNoWriMo 2013!

Happy first day of NaNo everyone! I hope you all had a successful start to your month.

I'm quite happy with the start of my NaNo Month. I stayed up late last night so I could kick off NaNo at midnight. I wrote my first scene in about forty minutes before I passed out (wrote about 1100 words). I'd thought about my opening scene a lot over the past couple months, ever since I got the idea for A STOLEN THRONE, so it was pretty quick to write. I'm definitely glad I stayed up to kick-off the month at midnight. It was fun to be able to write the second I was "allowed" to.

And then came work. Work was really busy today so I actually didn't get home until 5:30 (usually it's closer to 5:00). I didn't do any writing at work (or even daydreaming for that matter - it was that busy), but I sat down as soon as I got home and started writing. The first scene this evening was from the princess's point of view, and it did hold some surprises, even though I used Susan Dennard's screenplay planning method (which is AMAZING). I actually started to tear up at one point, which was really unexpected. I did not plan at all for that type of emotional response so early in the story, but that's the magic of NaNo. You go fast enough that your muse throws you curve balls when you're not paying attention.

After I wrote that scene, I took a dinner break. I even let myself watch an episode of Buffy while I ate. (I know, I know, I'm over a decade behind on the whole Buffy craze, but I'm finally on the last season!) It felt weird (but awesome) to feel calm enough to have downtime on the first day of NaNo. Last year, I fought for every word all day and only ended up with 2K or so.

Anyway, after Buffy, I was close to my goal of 5K for opening day, so I decided to do two more scenes, this time from Maren's POV (the thief). Both of these scenes went pretty quick and I'm slowly getting settled into her voice. It still isn't quite right, but I'm sure I'll get there by the end of the first week (and then I can go back and fix the rest when I do revisions in January). I ended up calling it quits for the day just before 11 PM with 6,010 words, surpassing my original goal of 5K, and doubling my minimum daily goal of 3K (in order to write all 90K words in November).

Overall, I'm pleased with my progress and I'm really looking forward to tomorrow's Kick-Off party in my region and our first in-person write-in event. Should be fun!

Now, you tell me. How was your first day? Did you meet the recommended 1,667 words today? Did anything in your story surprise you? Leave me a comment and let me know!