Winning NaNo 2013...On Day 12!

I won! On this very interesting date (11/12/13!), I won NaNo by crossing the 50K mark! *dances*

I attended a local write-in this evening and I passed the finish line surrounded by other Wrimos, so that was really exciting. (Mostly because they get the awesomeness that is finishing a lot more than any non-writer can.) And the scene that pushed me over the 50K mark was really pretty sweet.

And then I got home and threw a heap of conflict at my characters. My poor thief…she got hit with the worst of it.

I'm not entirely sure I made the best decision with the scene I wrote when I returned home. Something that I intended to be a chance for the prince and the thief to have a tender moment, turned into something that could potentially affect the thief for the rest of the book (and even the rest of the series if I ever get the chance to write the sequels). This unintended consequence definitely provided some serious emotional growth and I saw a side of the thief that I'd never seen before. But I'm still not sure it's the right choice. And, I'm not sure that I want that consequence to carry through the rest of the book, but I'm not yet sure of a way to solve the issue without "cheating" (as in I don't just want to use magic to fix it or just have it conveniently fix itself).


This is a first draft. And I'm not looking back during NaNo, only ahead. I'll worry about whether I made the right decision when I do revisions in December and beyond. November is for creation, not perfection.

Either way, it was definitely an interesting, unexpected consequence. Here's the graph for today showing my winning status (my bar even turned green!):

I wrote 4,041 new words, bringing my total to 52,201. I'm definitely pleased with those numbers and am looking forward to some of the big stuff that's slated to happen in the next 15-20K words!

Write on Wrimos!