NaNo 2013 Novel Prep

We are officially two weeks away from the start of NaNoWriMo 2013!

I don't know about everyone else, but I am incredibly excited. I cannot wait to start writing my new story. This will be my first attempt at a dual 1st person POV story, and I am so excited to tell both Maren's story (she's a professional thief who steals the prince) and Katherine's story (who's the missing prince's twin sister and now heir to the throne). These ladies are vastly different and I think seeing how their stories intertwine will be both fun and fascinating. Is it November yet?

To get through NaNo this year, I'm going to try a new "headlights" plotting technique from Susan Dennard while testing out faster writing techniques by Rachel Aaron.

Basically, the combination of those techniques includes:

  • Carving out structured writing time in intervals of (preferably) four hours at a time
  • Writing long-hand in a notebook the basic structure of each scene before I actually "write" it
  • Making sure there's something that excites me about each scene (that "magic cookie" or "candy bar" in the scene)
  • Eliminating internet distractions during writing sessions (Yes, I'm actually going to unplug my internet during writing sessions -- I'll play on the NaNo forums in my "free" time)

With those techniques at my disposal, I hope to write the full 80-90K story during the month of November. I've already even blocked out all of my big chunks of writing time for next month, so I am all set to go. Oh, and I also bought color-coordinated notebooks and folders for the story, too. (And I have to admit how embarrassingly excited I got about going shopping for office supplies. Really, it's ridiculous how much I love it.)

In fact, here are my planning tools for NaNo:

Again, I ask, is it November yet? This gal wants to start writing!

Part of my excitement for NaNo (aside from being excited about my story and having new techniques to try to increase efficiency) is that I actually know a thing or two about writing this year. Last year, I jumped into NaNo without even a short story to my name. This year, I'm coming at NaNo with not only with more knowledge about the craft of writing (from reading tons of books and blogs on the subject) but also with a fully revised book under my belt. Granted, I know the first draft is still going to be messy, but it'll be a heck of a lot more manageable to edit than last year's complete wreck.

So, bring it on NaNo, bring it on. I'm ready for you!

You tell me, what are you doing to prep for NaNoWriMo? Have you signed up yet? If not, check out their website and sign up -it's free! (Except, of course, for the blood, sweat, tears, and time it takes to actually write your novel.)