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Looking for help with your manuscript? You've come to the right place!

I offer a variety of editorial services, from big picture feedback to in-depth line edits.

Manuscript ready to query? Let's polish up that query letter to give you the best chance for success! See below for complete offerings and rates. 

Big-Picture edit letter

Rates: $0.006 per word (with $300 minimum) 

What you get: I'll read your manuscript and compile an editorial letter that covers big picture topics like overall plot, pacing, characterization, voice, and world building. I'll also highlight what's working great so you know what to keep! You'll get one 30-minute Skype session to talk through your edit letter and ask any questions you may have.

in-depth edit with notes in the manuscript

Rates: $0.01 per word (with $600 minimum)

What you get: I'll read your manuscript and leave comments with track changes, noting any concerns with voice, characterization (including inconsistent character actions), pace concerns, excessive telling, lack of or excessive description, and more. I'll also include a detailed edit letter (similar to that included in the Big Picture Edit). You'll get a 60 minute Skype session (either in one block or two 30-minute blocks) to go over the edits.

query critique

Rate: $50

What you get: No matter how rough your query is, we'll work together to make it shine. I'll read up to 3 revisions of your query (four drafts total) until your query captures the essence of your story and the attention of agents.

Bonus: If you plan to participate in a twitter pitch event, I'll help you create 2 twitter pitches, free of charge.

synopsis help

Rate: $100

What you get: Writing a synopsis is hard. No one likes writing them (well, almost no one). We'll work together to craft your 1-2 page synopsis. If I notice any potential plot or pacing issues, I'll let you know so can also address them in your manuscript.

Bonus: If you purchase Synopsis Help, you can add a Query Critique for the same manuscript for $25.

Sample page polish

Rate: $150

What you get: I'll go through your first 3 chapters (up to 30 pages) and leave detailed comments to help make them shine. We'll also optimize your ending points for the 5 and 10-page mark, common lengths agents request with your initial query.

complete query package

Rate: $225

What you'll get: Query Critique + Synopsis Help + Sample Page Polish (a $300 value). I'll also provide advice on your query list and how to stay organized as you make your way through the query trenches. 


I have been lucky enough to experience Isabel's editing skills first hand through Author Mentor Match. From the first, very detailed and thoughtful letter, it was clear that she not only got my story, but also had real, concrete ways to get it into shape. She has been supportive and thorough while helping me tackle rewriting a story that I love deeply but has flaws I was missing on my own. While I am only partway through my rewrite, I already have confidence that my story is going to be better than I could have imagined. I cannot recommend Isabel's editing more highly.
-Lucy Hallowell

I entered a Twitter pitch contest, #Kidpit, with modest results so when it was time for #DVPit, I turned to Isabel for help. She provided critiques and feedback on my Twitter pitches, query letter, and first five pages.

Isabel helped make my pitches much more stakes-focused and gave some amazing feedback on my opening scene. It had a major issue I hadn’t noticed and post-revision, it's a lot stronger. I also appreciated her insights into my query letter – these were especially valuable as an international writer querying US agents.

#DVPit results were much more promising – I had 23 requests from agents compared with two requests for #KidPit, plus one full request out of #DVPit so far. 

One of the most important things Isabel gave me is confidence in the work I was putting out. She is like your story’s fairy godmother – delivering kind, patient feedback and insights that help you see the light.

-Claire Low


I know money is tight for many of us, so I do offer a couple of discounts:

  • Marginalized writers (people of color, LGBTQ+, writers with disabilities, and religious minorities) receive 10% off all services. Please indicate that you qualify for this discount when you submit your application (no need to disclose your specific identity--just note that you qualify).
  • Clients who book a full manuscript critique can get 20% off future services for the same manuscript (such as a different level manuscript edit or a query package). Clients can also receive 10% off future manuscripts.

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