Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been writing?

I started writing with National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) in 2012 while I was pursing a masters degree in student affairs. I sold my debut novel These Witches Don’t Burn (the fourth book I’d written!) the summer of 2017 for publication in May 2019.

how long did it take to write these witches don’t burn?

I wrote the first draft during the spring of 2015 and tried to revise the story that summer. That same summer, I came out as queer and took some time away from writing to live my life. I met my now-wife, enjoyed being young and in love, and then rewrote the entire story the winter of 2016! I signed with my first agent that April, went out on submission, switched agents the winter/spring of 2017 (my first agent went into book scouting) and then sold the book that summer! During that time, I revised with both agents and did another round of revision between agents as well.

iS these witches don’t burn #ownvoices?

#OwnVoices means different things to different people. In some ways, yes. I’m queer. My main character, Hannah (plus much of the rest of the cast), is queer. In other ways, our experiences are very different. I came out when I was 26, while Hannah is an out and proud teenager. I’m bisexual, while Hannah is a lesbian. Because of those differences, I’ve personally moved away from using #ownvoices to describe my work.

Can you read my manuscript?

While I love helping new writers, between my Day Job and my writing deadlines, I simply don’t have time to read manuscripts for anyone outside my current critique partners. But you can check out my blog for previous posts on writing advice!

You have a day job? Why? What is it?

I do! I manage an off-campus student housing complex, but writing is my true passion. As for the why? Books don’t pay as much as people think, and I’d like to keep a roof over my head and food in my kitchen. Hopefully someday the Day Job won’t be necessary, but for now, it’s all about that juggling act and the early 5am writing sessions!