The First Step to Achieving Your Dream Writing Career is *Finishing* Your Novel


...and my unique blend of book & life coaching will help you get there.

I guide my clients through the five essential steps of finishing a book.


Step 1: Unearth the Story


Before you commit to writing an entire novel, you need an idea that lights you up inside. 


You're going to spend a lot of time with this story (especially if you get a book deal!) so we start by making sure your novel idea is right for you.


Step 2: Create a Sustainable Writing Habit


You're not a generic human, so a generic "one-size-fits-all" writing schedule isn't going to cut it. 


Thinking you "have to" write every day, or write a certain number of words, kills so many creative dreams.


I'll help you create a writing habit that works with your life. You'll build the momentum necessary to reach "The End."


Step 3: Blueprint the Book 


Before you dive into drafting, it's important to know more about the story you're striving to write.


With the blueprint, I guide you through a unique process that clarifies the key components of the story without plotting it to death.


Step 4: Befriend the Blank Page


Now that it's time to actually write . . .  perfectionism and imposter syndrome and the thought 'WTF, what if I ruin everything?!' tend to kick in.


Deep breath. We've all been there.


Befriending the Blank Page is my signature process of unlearning all the shit we've been socialized to believe about productivity so you can get words on the page without feeling like a total fraud.


Step 5: Filter Feedback


Writers have a lot of drama about feedback.


We tend to fall into two camps:


1 - The writers who reject all advice and don't want to change anything


2 - Writers who listen to everyone and lose the heart of their story 


Getting critiques of your writing is an unavoidable part of the journey if you want to be a published author, so it's important to learn how to filter feedback.


Through mindset coaching, I'll help you decide for yourself which notes resonate for your book and which ones don't.


When you can do this, there's no limit to your growth as a storyteller.


I want this! How do I start?

Coaching is an Essential Part of this Process

Could you finish a novel on your own?




You may have even finished one (or more) before.


It's not just about getting to "The End," though.


(To be clear, you will finish at least your first draft in just 6 months, but this work is so much bigger than that.)


I don't want my clients to finish their book feeling burnt out and miserable.


To keep fiction fun, we need to unlearn all the bullshit in our brains that was planted there by the white supremacist patriarchy, toxic capitalism, and more.


Your LIFE affects your ability to WRITE.


Which is why I coach your book and your brain.

I'm so ready for this!

Need more details?

Here's what happens when you hire me: 

  1. We start with a consult. We'll chat about your goals to see if we're a good fit. I only work with clients if we're both a "hell yes!" 


  2. If we're a match, I'll send you an invoice (payment due within 48 hours) and we'll schedule your first coaching session.

  3. Each session is designed to support YOU. Most coaching sessions will focus on your mindset and the things keeping your from (enjoying) your writing. Feedback on your story typically happen in writing, but some sessions, we'll talk through tricky story struggles together.


Are you ready to spend the next six months creating your dream writing life?


You'll have a finished first draft* that you're so fucking proud to have written.


And, you'll have a sustainable writing habit to carry you through future books without burnout. 


You ready?

I'm ready!

*Some writers can complete major revisions during this time, too!

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm all in! Let's do this!