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Whether you're looking to improve your character writing, finally figure out show vs tell, or break-up with burnout, this selection of courses and past-webinars has you covered.

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You don't have to shove your ADHD brain into a box to succeed as a writer. This course, co-taught with Erica Davis, will teach you to level up your natural strengths instead.

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The more characters feel like real people, the more readers fall in love with them. Learn to use the coaching model to understand why characters do what they do.

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Specificity is key to compelling backstory ... but it also has to matter emotionally. Learn where to dig for the best backstory and get it on the page without info dumps.

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The cure for burnout is not another productivity hack. Learn the real cause of burnout and how to solve it ... in 3 simple steps.

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If you can't call yourself a writer, it's hard to write. Craft your Writer Identity to finish books you love.

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You don't need ironclad willpower to write consistently. Learn to get to the page & have more fun writing.

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There are 5 major mistakes that can break your book and sink your story. Learn to spot them and how to fix them in your own work.

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 This four-month self-paced course helps you reclaim your love of writing ... no matter what is going on in the publishing industry.

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Can't decide which course you want? Get all 8 and enjoy a bundle discount of $155 off!

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