Level Up Your Character Writing


No matter how many stories you've written, deepening your understanding of characters (and how to create them) is essential to continually leveling up as a writer. One of the best ways to create better characters is to understand your own brain, better, too. 

Which is why I'm happy to introduce...

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It All Starts with the Model


When I went through certification with The Life Coach School, we learned a coaching technique called the Model. 

It’s a powerful awareness tool, and it’s the cornerstone of my coaching practice. Learning and consistently using the Model helped me change my relationship with writing and say goodbye to burnout.

The Model is an especially powerful tool for writers, and not just because it allows us to improve our relationship with writing. 

It can also help us write deeper, more nuanced characters.

When I realized I could use the Model this way, I knew I had to share it with other writers. And now, I am! 

Introducing my Masterclass: Create Better Characters with Coaching.


This Character Masterclass covers three key steps:


Introduction to the Self-Coaching Model


Learn the basics of the self-coaching model that serves as the backbone of my coaching practice.

Apply the Coaching Model to Your Own Brain


Before we can use the self-coaching model on our characters we need to SELF coach, aka learn how our own lives fit into this simple and elegant model.

Use Coaching to Create Better Characters! 


Once you have a solid understanding of the coaching model, you're ready to use it on your characters. Slip inside their brains to make sure character thoughts, feelings, and actions are all in alignment.

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