(No Matter What's Happening in Publishing)


Most of us get into writing because we love telling stories, but somewhere along the way—whether because book after book doesn’t get an agent, the book deal of your dreams ends up a lot smaller than you hoped, or negative reader reviews pour in for a book that holds your heart—we begin to lose that love.

Writing starts to feel like a chore.

We put painful expectations on ourselves.

We flirt with burnout because we feel too guilty to take (and enjoy) a real break.

It doesn’t have to be like this. 

I can teach you how to fall back in love with writing and free yourself from burnout.


It's time to...


Whether you're early in your writing journey, freshly agented, or a multi-published author, it's never too late (or too early) to burnout-proof your career.


This self-paced course is broken down into four distinct components.


Love Writing Again

Learn to separate what's actually happening in your writing career from all the stories you tell yourself about it.

Cultivate Self-Trust

Learn to trust your story instincts again - no more second-guessing yourself over editorial notes or which project to start next.

Make Peace with Deadlines

Set big goals without working yourself into the ground. Compassion and rest create better books than urgency and hustle.

Burnout-Proof Your Career

Set boundaries with publishing professionals, writing peers, and readers so you can find your perfect balance of connection and privacy.

Hell yes, I need this!

Through a combination of video lessons and custom worksheets, I walk you step-by-step through my process. You’ll understand your current relationship to writing, define where you want to go, and then I’ll guide you through the process of making that vision a reality.


When you enroll, you get immediate *lifetime* access to these materials.


Investment: $199


Teach me to Love Writing Again!

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