The Author Burnout Coach

The Author Burnout Coach

Hosted by: Isabel Sterling

Isabel Sterling, multi-published author and certified life coach, is on a mission to dismantle burnout culture, one writer at a time.

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13. The Cause & Cure of Imposter Syndrome

Nearly all writers deal with Imposter Syndrome at some point, but where does it come from? (Hint: the patriarchy plays a role.) And once we know WHY we have it, how do we get better at believing in our own talents and...
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12. Say Goodbye to "Should"

We know better than to shit on ourselves, but did you know that "should-ing" on yourself puts a damper on your creativity, too? In today's episode, I talk about the ways we use "should" against ourselves and how to...
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11. The Gift of Self-Awareness

Curious about the "acronym thing" last week's guest mentioned? Today, I give an overview of the self-coaching model (developed by Brooke Castillo of The Life Coach School) that I use with my clients and how it applies...
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10. Learning to Love Revision w/ Erica Davis

Curious about coaching but not sure what it's like? In this episode, I talk to writer buddy and occasional client, Erica Davis, about her experience coaching with me. She shares how coaching helped her love revision...
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9. The 5 Causes of Writer's Block

Episode #9

Whether you call it writer's block, lack of inspiration, or feeling stuck, the result is the same: you, staring at the blank page, unable to write.In order to solve writer's block, you need to know what's causing it....
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8. Should You Abandoned Your Novel?

Episode #8

The lure of the shiny new idea is strong, but should you actually abandon your current project? Today's podcast helps you decide when quitting is a good idea.Click here for the IG post with the "Should I Quit?"...
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7. No Writing Is Wasted

Episode #7

Do you ever feel like you're wasting your time trying to write a novel? Do you get upset when you have to throw away an entire draft that doesn't work? In today's episode, Isabel sheds light on her belief that no...
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6. How to Trust Yourself

Episode #6

How do I trust myself to finish my book if I let myself rest whenever I want? How will I hit deadlines if I set a low Minimum Enoughness Measure? These are common questions, and in today's podcast, Isabel addresses...
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5. Busy Isn't a Bragging Right

Episode #5

Our culture celebrates being busy, but the devaluation of rest is driving so many in publishing right to burnout. Isabel explains why being busy is bad for your creativity and introduces the MEM (Minimum Enoughness...
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4. How to Stop Refreshing Your Inbox

Episode #4

Do you find yourself constantly refreshing your inbox while querying (or while waiting for notes from your editor/agent)? In today's episode, Isabel breaks down why we do this, why it feels terrible, and how to break...
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3. Choose Your POV

Episode #3

This isn't a first person vs third person debate. Today, we take a look at the POV you're choosing for your own personal writing life and whether it's helping or hurting you.
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2. The Lies We Tell Ourselves

Episode #2

As writers, we're a pretty creative bunch. Unfortunately, that means we also get pretty creative about the lies we concoct about the future. In today's episode, Isabel breaks down the lies we tell ourselves about...
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