The 6-month Private Coaching Program + Online Course for Traditionally Published Authors

Millions of people dream of being a published author. You actually did it.


But somewhere along the way ... writing stopped being fun.


You've lost access to the creative flow you loved.

Past "failures" - the manuscripts that died on submission, the book that underperformed -  are a weight around your neck.

Even success makes writing harder. What this next book doesn't sell as well? What if readers don't like this new direction? 

You dreamed of this career, and you worked so hard to make it real, but now you wonder if it was worth it.

It IS worth it... and you can feel so much better than you do right now.

Client Testimonials

YA author

I've gained so much clarity on what I want and what I don't want as an author.

I've been able to hone in on what MY dream is as an author, versus being fixated on an externalized "dream" that I've been told I should want.

YA author

Isabel's questions help me get really specific about what I do - and don't - want for both my writing and my career in publishing.

It's so easy to compare ourselves to others in our productivity-hustle-girlboss culture; it turns out I was feeling like a failure about not doing things that I don't even WANT to do.

Historical Fiction Author

Isabel helped me tell new, more productive stories about the work I’m doing, allowing me to walk away from a writing session feeling proud instead of defeated.

=I am working more than I have been in a long time, and am finally able to take a day off without guilt, which is a major win for me.

The Essential Skills You Need

Confident author careers don’t happen by accident. 
They’re created. 
YOU can create a sustainable career (that you LOVE) no matter what is currently happening with your publishing experience. 
All it takes is few key skills, and inside The Confident Author Academy, you'll learn everything you need.


The Online Curriculum is Broken into 4 Pillars:

If the writing isn’t fun, the rest of your career inevitably suffers.

That’s why we start with The Joyful Writing Protocol. You’ll learn research-based mindset tools that bring the fun back to your writing process no matter what else is going on in publishing.

Once we’ve laid a solid foundation, we take it to the next level by tapping into your story instincts.

You’ll learn my proven 4-step process for consistent writing that builds momentum in your story and makes it easier to access creative flow.

As authors, we don’t just write books. More than ever before, our publishers expect us to market our books, not just write them.

In The Authentic Marketing Method, we'll take the confusion and overwhelm out of marketing so you can get back to doing what you do best: writing something new.

To navigate this opaque industry, you need a solid sense of your own self-worth that’s separate from the value of your stories that’s also separate from what you get paid for those stories.

This allows you to set healthy boundaries, say no to things that don’t work for you, and navigate deadlines with ease.

I'm Ready to Apply

What You Get When You Join:


Immediate Access to the Online Curriculum 

As soon as you join the Academy, you get online access to the entire 4-pillar curriculum. You can study the video content at your own pace to learn all the skills you need to create a confident, joyful,
sustainable career.

The online curriculum is available through my website and via an app for your phone for on-the-go learning.


22 Private Coaching Sessions


Learning concepts is great, but actually putting them into practice is where the real change happens. As a master certified life coach, I am trained to help you change your brain and shift your beliefs about your career. We meet once a week for 45 minutes during our six months together.


Session Recordings & Notes


All of your sessions are recorded and uploaded into your client portal so you can rewatch powerful coaching moments to deepen your learning. You’ll also find notes from each meeting so you can refresh your memory on any of the decisions you make during our calls.


The 90-Day Burnout Free Journal 


I created this 90-Day Burnout Free Journal for myself and found it so effective that I knew all my clients needed it, too. The PDF is available for download in the Academy’s online lessons, and all new clients who sign up before February 14th get a printed copy shipped to their home!
I'm ready. Let's do this!

The Confident Author Academy is Enrolling Now

How to Apply:


  1. Schedule a free consult. Use the button below (or click here) to get on my calendar.  


  2. We'll discuss your  writing life & publishing experience. By the end of our 60-minute conversation, you'll know exactly how The Confident Author Academy will support your goals.

  3. You'll decide whether to enroll in the Academy. I'll answer all your questions so you can make an informed decision that you love.

  4. When you join, you get instant access to the online curriculum. We'll also schedule your private coaching sessions and get started right away.


Don't go another day dreading the career you dreamed of creating. The Confident Author Academy gives you all the tools you need to succeed.

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