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I'm Isabel Sterling

Author & Master Certified Life Coach 


I help authors create confident, sustainable writing careers. 
You deserve a life coach who understands the nuances of the publishing industry.

Your Confident Author Career is closer than you think.

 I thought getting traditionally published would make all my issues with perfectionism, imposter syndrome, and feelings of writerly inadequacy go away.

Spoiler alert: It didn't.

I was constantly comparing myself to my peers, panicking about deadlines, and worrying that I'd irreparably fuck up my big chance.

Coaching saved my relationship with writing. It helped me find joy in it again, even though it was my job now instead of my escape.

I knew others needed this work, so I became a coach for published authors like you.

My decade of publishing experience combined with my mastery of coaching tools creates magic for my clients. 

If you're ready to create a writing career that you love and stop flirting with burnout, I can help.

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