The Writing Career of Your Dreams *IS* Possible


...and my unique blend of book & life coaching will help you get there.

The biggest obstacle standing between YOU and your dream writing career is your own brain.


So many writers struggles with thoughts like:


“I'm not a real writer."

“I’ll never figure this out.”

“My readers won't like this book.”


We skip from idea to idea and never finish. We reject ourselves before an agent can. And once we do make it through all the rejection and secure an agent, sign a book deal, or indie publish? We're still stressed the fuck out, afraid it will disappear at any moment.


That’s why it's not enough to get coaching on your story. You need coaching for your brain (for YOUR LIFE), too. 


As a certified life coach, I know how to help you spot the bullshit in your brain (that was planted there by the patriarchy, toxic capitalism, white supremacy, and more) so we can unlearn those self-limiting beliefs.


We find the real reason you’re struggling with story development, drafting, revision, or deciding which edits to take and which to let go.


Coaching the secret sauce no one else is teaching, and it is my pleasure and privilege to share it with you.


I definitely need this!

The world needs your story...but it's not really about the book.

Yes, I help you write a damn good book. A better book--written faster and without burnout--than you could do on your own.


But that's not what this is really about. That's not why you hire me (though you probably think it is).


The real work, the real magic, is WHO YOU BECOME through the process of writing & our weekly coaching sessions.


Someone with deep, unconditional love and compassion for yourself. 


Someone bold enough to put their creative heart and soul into words, who then shares that vulnerable truth with the world.


That is what you get when you invest in coaching.

You change the course of your entire life. 

I'm so ready for this!

Need more details?

Here's what happens when you hire me 

(aka when YOU invest in YOUR dreams)

  1. We start with a consult. We'll chat about your goals and see if we're a good fit. If it's a "hell yes!" for both of us, I'll send you an invoice and we'll select a weekly coaching time.

  2. At your first coaching session, we assess where you are in the Cycle of Book Coaching (see graphic at the top of the page!). You can start coaching with me at any step because that circle keeps on turning forever.

  3. Each session is a unique blend of both book and life coaching. Some days it will be all about the story. Some sessions we'll focus 100% on unwinding the perfectionism and self-doubt holding you back. Most sessions will be a bit of both.
Let's schedule that consult!

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm all in! Let's do that consult!


P.S. When you commit to coaching with me, you automatically get access to my writing courses at no additional costs!

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