You Deserve to Love Your Author Career

Millions of people dream of being a published author.


You actually did it.


But somewhere along the way ... writing stopped being fun.


You've started to dread writing sessions. 

Drafting feels like pulling teeth.

You've lost access to the creative flow you loved.

Instead of being a fun escape, writing is full of pressure and panic and the fear of never getting another book deal.

Past "failures" - the manuscripts that died on submission, the book that underperformed -  are a weight around your neck.

Even your successes make writing harder. What this next book doesn't sell as well? What if readers don't like this new direction? 

No matter how much you work, it never feels like enough.

You dreamed of this career, and you worked so hard to make it real, but now you wonder if it was worth it.

It IS worth it...

And you can feel so much better than you do right now.

The Solution to Author Burnout is Simple:


1 - Identify your personal values and success metrics.


2 - Write consistently without pressure or shame.


3 - Make decisions from a regulated nervous system.


4 - Celebrate the process as much as the milestones.

It's Simple . . . If You Know HOW


If we knew how to show up for writing sessions consistently ... we'd do it. 

Unfortunately, we were socialized under the white supremacist patriarchy. We've internalized a lot of bullshit that makes it hard to be creative, to trust ourselves, and to separate our worth from our work.

If you're part of any historically marginalized group, you were systematically taught to tie your value to your productivity, to use shame for motivation, and to never feel like you've done enough.

We have to unlearn those toxic messages to create a joyful writing life and confident career.

The good news: You can change. You just need to learn a new way of thinking about your career... and yourself. 


I've created tools that make this process simple and doable.


When you define your personal success metrics, decisions get a lot easier.

I help you identify the career you actually want instead of being driven by compare & despair with your colleagues.

How you see yourself as an Author, Writer, & Entrepreneur impacts every facet of your career.

Becoming aware of your current self-concept (and then crafting an intentional one) lays the foundation for sustainable success.

It's really hard to feel good about your author career when you're not writing.

Helping authors get back to the page is my speciality. My 4-step process gets you out of perfectionism and makes writing fun again. 

The stories you tell yourself about your career affect every aspect of your experience.

I teach you how to spot the shitty stories you've been telling yourself, identify the facts, and tell stories that serve you.

Authors tend to be terrible about celebration. So, I created an entire toolkit just for that.

You'll learn celebration methods for everything from the launch of your book to getting through a tricky scene.

All of these tools are incredible, and private coaching takes your results to the next level.

Having an expert to guide you through all of these tools, to take away the guesswork, makes your success inevitable.

I Want a Confident Author Career!

Write More in Less Time ... While Loving Your Author Career


When you coach privately with me you...

  • Fall into creative flow and enjoy your writing sessions
  • Finish the day feeling proud of the work you completed
  • Meet publishing deadlines without burnout and negotiate for more time without fear or shame 
  • Quiet your Writer Brain when you're not working so you can enjoy guilt-free time with loved ones 
  • Make decisions based on the fundamental belief that your Author Career is stable and unbreakable 
  • Trust yourself to achieve your goals without negatively impacting the rest of your life. 
  • Write books that are more YOU
  • Take bigger creative risks


No matter what happens in the publishing industry...

You'll still love your Author Career. 

I'm ready. Let's do this!

It's Time to Break the Burnout Cycle

How to Coach with Me:

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  2. We'll discuss your current writing habits and where you want to be. By the end of our 60-minute conversation, you'll know how coaching supports your goals. 

  3. You'll make a decision - yes or no - about coaching. I'll answer all your questions so you can make an informed decision that you love.

  4. When you become a client, the transformation begins. We'll schedule your weekly coaching time and you'll get immediate access to the client portal.


Don't go another day dreading the career you dreamed of creating. You deserve to love writing. I can help.


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