We Got a Puppy!

The fiancee and I are delighted to introduce you to our new puppy, Lily! 

She's adorable, and we're totally smitten with her. Blogs may be a bit sparse as I adjust to puppy parenthood. More soon!

2017 Goals

It's that time of year! I love goal setting and making plans, so the beginning of the year is always a fun time for me. There's so much possibility at the beginning of the year, and so much energy to go after your dreams.

This year feels a little different. I know I'm not the only one dreading the upcoming inauguration. I worry about what will happen to the rights and safety of so many marginalized communities, and I'm prepared to do my part to resist whatever horrific policies come our way.

While I don't think we should normalize what's happening in politics (because it is NOT normal, and it is NOT okay), I do think finding some normalcy--especially if you're part of a marginalized community--is a good thing. So to that end, I'm embracing my usual, optimistic, goal writing self today.

2016 - A Year in Review

A lot happened in 2016. Both personally and more globally, and a lot of it wasn't very good. The global/political stuff that is. I actually had a pretty decent year.

In 2016 I...

  • Revised my novel and fell in love with writing again
  • Got a new job
  • Moved into a new apartment with my girlfriend
  • Received 5 offers of representation and signed with an agent!
  • Revised my novel with my agent (I have an agent!)
  • Got engaged! My girlfriend is now my fiancee!

Entering #DVpit? Advice + Free Critiques

Let's talk twitter pitching events! Specifically, #DVpit, the twitter event created by agent Beth Phelan to support diverse authors and their stories. You can check out her website here for official guidelines, resources, and interviews. (My interview with Beth and Molly is here!). 

Since I had such a great outcome with #DVpit when I participated in April, I thought I'd share a little advice and offer some free critiques for the folks participating in October!