Hello, I'm Isabel Sterling.


I fell in love with writing in 2012 when I wrote my very first novel. The moment I reached "the end" I knew I'd discovered my life's passion.


But by the time my debut novel published in 2019, I'd started to lose that love of writing. It had become a job, another task on my to-do list, instead of the thing that filled me with joy and purpose.


Coaching changed my life. It helped me fall in love with writing again. Now, as a master certified life coach, I help authors like you craft confident careers, too.

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My Story


When I started out, I knew nothing about the publishing industry. I had no formal training in creative writing, I didn't know any published authors, and I'd never heard of 'querying.'


All I had was a dream and a stubborn desire to make it happen.


I taught myself everything I needed to know to make it as a traditionally published author. Over the course of a decade, I've discovered the main thing that separates writers who make it in publishing and those that don't. 


Their ability to manage the emotional rollercoaster of this industry, which is something anyone can learn.


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