The Danika Frost Series

(written as Charlotte Page)




CHOSEN: Book 0.5


Meet Dani: Street smart. Fiercely loyal. Carries a big sword.

All Danika Frost wanted was to lead a normal life and go to college. Too bad destiny had other plans.

After her mother is brutally attacked, Dani inherits the family business: protecting the world from things that go bump in the night. With the help of the Ink, ancient spirits who live in her skin as tattoos, Dani must hunt down demons and the necromancers who raise them.

Alone in the dark city streets of Blackthorn, Dani meets a young girl named Cassie. Her sister is missing, and Dani recognizes the tell-tale signs of demonic possession. Now, it's up to Dani to track down Cassie's missing sister before the monster inside hurts someone. Trouble is, Dani needs the help of an enigmatic and sexy stranger who may or may not be a necromancer…

INKED: Book 1


Private detective by day. Demon hunter by night. Danika Frost leads a complicated life.

When Dani accepts a missing person's case, she expects the usual culprits—money, drugs, or secret affair. Instead, she finds herself drawn deeper into Blackthorn city's shadowy underworld.

With the help of the Ink, ancient spirits who live in her skin as tattoos, Dani follows the investigation to the last place she wants to be: a nightclub owned by her ex-boyfriend. Their reunion is explosive, but it's the least of her concerns when bodies start piling up in the city morgue, each branded with the same demonic sigil.

As the evidence points to a rare demon, Dani realizes that she can't solve this case on her own. In order to find the missing girl and stop the necromancers before their demon grows too powerful, Dani must decide who she trusts—the man who broke her heart or the naïve detective who wants to mend it.

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