2016 - A Year in Review

A lot happened in 2016. Both personally and more globally, and a lot of it wasn't very good. The global/political stuff that is. I actually had a pretty decent year.

In 2016 I...

  • Revised my novel and fell in love with writing again
  • Got a new job
  • Moved into a new apartment with my girlfriend
  • Received 5 offers of representation and signed with an agent!
  • Revised my novel with my agent (I have an agent!)
  • Got engaged! My girlfriend is now my fiancee!

Entering #DVpit? Advice + Free Critiques

Let's talk twitter pitching events! Specifically, #DVpit, the twitter event created by agent Beth Phelan to support diverse authors and their stories. You can check out her website here for official guidelines, resources, and interviews. (My interview with Beth and Molly is here!). 

Since I had such a great outcome with #DVpit when I participated in April, I thought I'd share a little advice and offer some free critiques for the folks participating in October! 

The Long Journey to a Short Query Round

This will probably be a fairly long post, so for those who don't want to read through the whole thing, I'll start with my news: I'm now represented by Molly Jaffa of Folio Literary!

I honestly couldn't be more thrilled. Molly has an amazing vision for BURNING SALEM, and I'm so thankful for her support of diverse authors and stories. I foresee a long and happy partnership, complete with plenty of discussions of our cats' various antics.

If you've got some extra time on your hands, read on for the probably-longer-than-it-needs-to-be story of how I came to sign with Molly:

On April 19th, agent Beth Phelan hosted a twitter pitch contest (#DVpit) to support marginalized writers and their stories. Since I had finished my revision of BURNING SALEM (which stars an out-and-proud lesbian witch) the day before, I figured it wouldn't hurt to tweet my pitch a couple times during the day.

How to Make Extensive Revisions Suck Less

With every novel I've ever written, there comes at least one revision (usually after the first round of CP feedback but sometimes earlier) when I have to completely overhaul my manuscript. Usually gutting 40, 50, or even 80 percent of my novel to rework some major character or plot development.

With A STOLEN THRONE, I cut a major character, added a bunch more, and scrapped an entire subplot I expected to use in book 2 (guess not!). I redid basically everything from the 25% mark all the way to the end.

During the course of revisions for THE TRIAL, I had one major revision where I had to do adjust the entire voice for one of my POVs, add characters and depth, and strengthen the romantic plot. While there wasn't a lot of cutting involved (at least not to the extent with AST), I did have to create a whole lot of new content.

And with my latest project, BURNING SALEM? I had to completely redo everything after Chapter One.


2016 Goals

I realize we're already almost a quarter of the way through the year (gasp!), but I figure it's better late than never when it comes to goal setting. And to be fair, I did set some goals in January, but I wasn't actively blogging back then.

Anyway, now that I'm back into the swing of revisions and have finished updating my website (isn't it pretty?!), I'd like to share my 2016 writing goals.